how to clean humidifier mold - indoor air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-07-06
how to clean humidifier mold  -  indoor air purifier
The humidifier helps to restore moisture to dry indoor air, but without proper care and maintenance, they can pose a potential serious risk to health.
According to the Mayo Clinic, wet and dirty humidifiers are easily contaminated with mold, bacteria and other allergens, as well as respiratory stimuli, and they may aggravate asthma and allergies in vulnerable people.
Moldy humidifiers can also cause or facilitate respiratory infections and cause flu
Even healthy adults have similar symptoms.
Mold to prevent and eliminate humidifier needs daily cleaning and frequent disinfection.
Empty the reservoir every day and wash it with soap and hot water.
Remove any scale or mold using a wash brush and soap.
If the tank cannot be removed from the humidifier base, please be careful not to take water inside the motor.
Rinse the tank well with clear water and then wipe the inside of the base with peroxide.
According to the United States, 3% of hydrogen peroxide solution can effectively remove mold from the tank of the humidifierS.
Environmental Protection Bureau.
Refill the tank with distilled water.
Tap water may be suitable for humidifier in some areas.
However, most tap water contains minerals that accumulate inside the unit.
This mineral accumulation provides a breeding ground for microorganisms that can be dispersed into the environment with a humidifier mist.
Add about 2 cups of white vinegar to the tank once a week.
Fill the rest of the tank with water and then run the machine for at least 30 minutes.
Do it outside or in the wellVentilation area.
After 30 minutes, rinse the water tank with clear water and replenish it.
Let the equipment run for a few minutes and flush out the remaining vinegar.
By mixing equal water and bleach in the tank and running outside for 30 minutes, clean the heavy mold from the humidifier.
Rinse well with clear water to make sure there is no bleach inside the unit and have the unit run for a few minutes to rinse the filter.
If there is bleach residue, it may be dispersed when you run the unit indoors and may be inhaled indoors.
Before storing the humidifier, throw away used filters, cartridges and boxes.
The Mayo Clinic recommends buying new ones next season.
If you are unable to remove all molds from the device, please replace the humidifier.
Portable devices are affordable and can be used widely.
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