Incredible dust-busting gizmos and gadgets - electric air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-06-30
Incredible dust-busting gizmos and gadgets  -  electric air purifier
It's spring now, which means it's time to open the window and blow the air out of the house.
If you 've been dormant for the past few months and closed yourself from the cold winter, your home may need a little fresh air and a thorough spring clean.
To remove the dust from the winter, look at these awesome dust --Destroy the gadget.
Traditional air purifiers do not do well in cleaning air.
Of course, dirty air will enter and clean air will come out, but a fixed air filtration system usually ends cleaning and re-cleaning
Clean the same air all day and make your house as dusty as ever.
In solving various problems, Moneual created a mobile Roomba-
Like an air purifier that goes into search. and-
Damage mode because it looks like it is meant to remove dust from your home.
The Rydis H800 can roam for up to four hours on a single charge and features five hours
A layer filtration system that includes HEPA and activated carbon filters, so you'll be sure to breathe as clean as possible.
It's not your mother.
Static looks like something from the future.
The cleaner's creator used it as a dust.
Breaking the wand is not hard to see why.
The static electricity generated by the metal bar will attract dust and debris.
Once you have finished cleaning, put it on the trash can, turn it off and the dust collected will fall off cleanly.
The wand stylish base station is also an air purifier, so it's busy cleaning your home even if you don't have time to clean it.
It's all on the carpet, and your carpet is probably the weakest link in the dust war.
The soft and fiber carpet is the perfect hiding place for dust and gets kicked back into the air every time you pass.
Vigilant vacuuming can help control the problem of the carpet
Even the best vacuum cleaner may leave some dirt and debris.
It's enough to drive a guy to the hardwood floor, or even worse, the felt.
But if you don't want to trade on the wallto-
To remove dust, check out The AirMaster carpet for Desso, which features a specially designed weave designed to capture and catch the best dust particles.
There are two kinds of fibers in the carpet of Desso: one is a very fine yarn used to capture the smallest particles, and the other is a thicker yarn used to collect larger pieces.
AirMaster's special weaving design allows the carpet to catch the dust and prevent the dust from flying back into the air, as the air stimulates asthma and allergy patients and makes a mess of freshly sprinkled coffee tables
The company says its products are 4 times more effective than traditional carpets and 8 times more effective than hardwood floors.
These are the statistics that make it easy for you to breathe.
Keeping your computer clean and keeping the computer away from dust and dirt is not an easy task.
Tiny cracks and gaps on the keyboard, along with multiple peripherals and cable stacks, create the perfect hiding place for dust and dirt.
Fortunately, there are some great products on the market that can help you keep your computer corner or home office clean and tidy.
Traditionally, keeping the keyboard clean is the job of a can of compressed air, a backup favorite for tech companies
Head and gadget lovers.
While the sharp air in these jars is sure to drain the dust, these jars also shoot the dust into the air and let it go back to the keyboard when you're done.
If you really want to clean up your work area, check out the dirt devil detail, a mini cordless vacuum specifically designed to remove dust from the subtle corners and gaps of modern technology.
Or take a bucket of net cleaning, an electric one.
You press the yellow paste on the keyboard.
The sticky stuff is dug deep enough to eat away dust, hair and crumbs.
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