Any brands for high end room air purifier ?
How to filter indoor air circulation? The function of the air circulation system is forced convection ventilation,Promote the cooling (heating) air of the air conditioner to flow in the room,To help achieve the purpose of cooling (heating) evenly throughout the room.The air circulation system is composed of air filter, air duct, fan, air gate and electric fir machine.The following Display Cabinet explains the definition of air filter, air duct, fan and exhaust gate for everyone,The details are as follows: 1 air filter is a fine filter net made of various fiber materials,Indoor air first passes through the air filter,Can filter out the dust in the air,Then burst into the evaporator and burst into heat exchange.The well-functioning air filter (air cleaner) can filter out the smoke of 00ipm,It also has the functions of eliminating bacteria and absorbing harmful gases.High pressure electric field is usually used for sterilization and efficient dust removal;Adsorption of harmful gases is usually used as an adsorpt

The goal of yovog is to lead the prevailing best desktop air purifier industry. Get info! The Professional Supplier of room air purifier in the Manufacturing Health Products Health Care Supplies Industry Compared with similar products, Dongguan EDS Electronic Technology Co., Ltd's boot dryer has the following advantages. EDS is committed to producing quality room air purifier and providing comprehensive and reasonable solutions for customers.

Bag Filter Taobao good quality? Bag filter contains non-woven filter bags, with a general accuracy of 1 micron and 200 microns. The previous filter bags have No 1 micron accuracy. with the development of technology, there are now 1 micron filter bags, however, bags with accuracy less than 1 micron are not available. bag filters are commonly used for filtering with large flow. each bag can filter the flow rate up to 40 tons/hour. filter bags can be removed and cleaned for repeated use, instead of having to replace it every time, this also greatly saves the operation cost.Bag filter has a large flow rate and can be disassembled and washed, and the precision filter has high precision, so it is also selected according to the water quality requirements.If you want to buy a bag filter, you 'd better consult the manufacturer or go directly to the manufacturer to inspect it.
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