Any discount for large order solar powered car air purifier ?
Yovog applies high-end technology to the production of the highest quality air purifier filter. Get info! Focus on the Production of car air purifier for Years Compared with similar products, Dongguan EDS Electronic Technology Co., Ltd's health appliances has the following advantages. EDS is dedicated to solving your problems and providing you with one-stop and comprehensive solutions.

How to use and disinfect air filters? Instructions for the operation of the filter guide the use of the gas filter instructions installation step 1 2 thoroughly clean the filter housing;Blowing the impurities in the gas pipeline,Follow the correct workflow,Connect the filter housing to the filter system, in the pipeline.Pay attention to the direction of the inlet and outlet when connecting,Ensure that the filter element is in the outer intake and inner outlet state;3 open the plastic bag at one end of the filter opening,Check whether the O ring is in good condition;4 5 6 wet O-ring and filter seat Jack with suitable wetting agent (e.g. water;Holding the filter element close to one end of the O-ring,Insert the filter socket into the filter socket vertically;After inserting all the filter elements, remove the filter bag,Multi-core filter need to buckle on the plate fixed,Then install the metal cover;Precautions for use 1 2 should prevent pressure shock during operation,Reverse pressure is prohibited;When the pr

What kind of good household water purifier, how to buy household water purifier? First, what is the role of household water purification pre-filter?Since you want to install a household water purification pre-filter, you must understand what its role is. some people will mistakenly believe that the household water purification pre-filter is a water purification device, in fact, the front filter is the first coarse filter equipment for the whole house water, which can filter the sediment, rust and large particles in the tap water. The main function of the front filter is not to provide water purification that can be directly drunk, its main role is to actively protect downstream pipelines, water purifiers, water heaters, washing machines, high-grade faucets and showers, and remove secondary pollution from the water supply network at the same time, so that the water quality of the household can be restored to the factory standard of tap water.Two, how to choose the filtering accuracy?The so-called fi

Hollow fiber filter a is a kind of water treatment equipment? This thing is useless. filter some micro impurities ??? Hollow fiber filter-Hollow fiber filtration (English: Hollow fiber filter) as the name implies ultra-precision filtration.To sum up, it is a separation technique based on the size of molecules or ions.When the larger solute is trapped, the material smaller than the pore diameter of the membrane is filtered out with the volume.The method is simple in operation, without phase change and low in energy consumption, without adding chemical reagents.The molecular weight of the separation substance by UF is 5 k--0.1 million or approximate aperture size 10--100A (0.001--0.01um ).Can remove bacteria,Viruses and particles,Remove most of the gel,Polymer compounds,Heat sources and microorganisms,However, salt with low molecular weight cannot be removed.The reverse osmosis can intercept salts according to the phase difference, while the pore size range of micro-pore filtration is 0.1-1.0um.Consumables
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