Any export certifications on household air cleaner ?
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What brand of household water filter is good? Do not use filters. The best drinking water.

Can the primary filter and medium filter of the air conditioner unit be cleaned? Whether the primary filter and the medium filter of the air conditioner unit can be cleaned depends on whether the filter auxiliary device is water-resistant,Some filters can be cleaned and recycled.These filters are usually made from heavier shells and certain fabrics or synthetic filters.But,Many dedicated air filters in the modern industrial and transport industries are made of very durable materials,Filter with 'cardboard or paper' Shell cannot be cleaned,Is a real disposable filter.HEPA class filters are generally non-recyclable,Because the filter material used is special,And great responsibility.If the air filter is cylindrical or flat,And use a metal or plastic shell,Most of them can be recycled.For the primary filter and medium filter of clean air conditioner, the previous cleaning method has been used,Let me introduce the method of Rfilter first,The cleaning of the original air conditioning purification system of our co

What is a fiber turntable filter? The fiber turntable filter is one of the most advanced filters in the world at present,At present, 700 sewage plants around the world have adopted this technology.The treatment effect of filter cloth turntable filter is good,High water quality,Stable operation of equipment,It has the only recognized certificate of water reuse in the world at present-Title22 certificate.The fiber turntable filter is mainly used for cooling circulating water treatment and reuse after deep treatment of wastewater.Reuse as cooling water and circulating water after filtration: Water quality SS ≤ 80 mg/L,The effluent quality is SS ≤ 10 mg/L.For the deep treatment of sewage,It is set up after conventional activated sludge process, delayed aeration method, sequencing plant, oxidation ditch system, drip filter system and oxidation pond system,It can be used in the following fields: ① removal of total suspended solids (2) combined with adding agents to remove phosphorus (3) and removal of
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