Any promotion team established by Yovog Household Appliances in foreign countries?
Dongguan EDS Electronic Technology Co., Ltd could customize comprehensive and efficient solutions according to customers' different needs. EDS's air purifier filter is widely used in many industries. EDS provides quality products and excellent services. Customers are warmly welcome to contact us. We will show you the personal care appliances series that is most popular with customers.

I said that the Germans are serious. I want to buy the German UF filter element recently. do you have any performance to introduce? That's Satan,German technology has nothing to say,Serious attitude Shanghai Doman filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. is based on German technology,The quality is not very safe to say,Yiky is a super cost-effective one!!~~~ In addition, the precision filter element is the heart of the filter,Must buy good,Do not regret to die,Believe me, this ltrafilter is what our company is using.Brand with the ability to fully provide engineering solutions for compressed air, special gases and liquid purification systems.Products include: Industrial and process filtration, sterilization and liquid filtration, freeze and adsorption dryer, Chiller, condensate purification system.Filtration Sterilization filtration process filter type of freeze-drying adsorption drying condensate discharge condensate purification system air/oil separation filtration (core) high efficiency water vapor separator AG-The

In the air purification system, how to write the management procedures for the primary, middle and efficient filters? First-effect air filter: Features: small resistance;Large air volume;Long service life.Scope of adaptation: suitable for primary filtration of air conditioning system.Medium-effective air filter, mainly used for capturing 1-Particle dust of 5 μm and various suspended solids,It is widely used in various air-conditioning equipment and air-conditioning systems,It is also used for intermediate protection of multi-level filtration system.The medium-efficiency filter is mainly used in central air conditioning and centralized air supply systems.It can be used for primary filtration of air conditioning system,To protect the next level of filters and the system itself,In places where the requirements for air purification and cleanliness are not strict,The air processed by the medium-effect filter can be directly transported to the user.Efficient filters are mainly used to capture 0.Particle dust an

Hotel energy saving measures 1. adjust the opening degree of the door of the flush valve in the attached building bathroomMake the flushing water flow reasonable and sufficient.2. place mineral water bottles in the hotel toilet water tankReduce the amount of water flushing the toilet.3. Does the toilet in each area of the hotel regularly check whether there is long running water?Prevent the phenomenon of water leakage.4. access the water of the staff restaurant to the domestic water meterReduce the cost of water.1. reduce indoor temperature standardsSummer is controlled at 26-28 degrees.2. the central air-conditioning system adopts the operation mode of 'single freezing-single cooling' when it is at a small loadConsumption of electric energy.3. reduce valvesFilter resistance,The central air-conditioning system is in good working condition.4. run the chi
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