Are there services after ozone boot dryer installation?
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Anti-virus principle of gas masks The gas mask is a kind of protection that can protect the respiratory system of the staff,In general,Anti-virus masks are made up of poison cartridges or some poison tanks and masks.But,In different environments,The requirements for the use of gas masks are also different,We can't mess with gas masks,Otherwise, it will also bring great harm to people's health.Gas masks are mainly narrow mouths that we use in industry or during special periods,It is also the best guarantee for our lives.Is the good guardian of our human survival and health.Gas masks are mainly used in some operating environments containing low concentrations of harmful gases or very low vapours.Only the absorbent or suction agent is installed in the filter box.Some filter boxes are also equipped with filter layers,Anti-aerosol at the same time.Some military gas masks,Mainly made of active carbon cloth,Or use water-resistant oil-resistant fabric as the outer layer,The glass fiber filter material is the inn

What is the oil mist filter of the lathe? It is an environmental protection equipment for machine tools,In today's CNC machine tool metal processing, due to the fog caused by bit and metal friction, smoke body.There is also a complex mixture of aerosol particles and solid particles flowing out of the machine tool.It has done harm to employees.The oil mist collector adopts the filter type to filter the particles of large particles first, and then uses the centrifugal segmented separation adsorption method to filter the different air media layer by layer under the formation of the air flow.It is best to perform a thorough filtering interception of extremely small particles.This reduces the pressure of rear filtering at the end.The service life of filter material is extended.Log in to the official website of Hua Weixing to understand the oil filter in detail!Oil pump connection leather pipe connection filter placed in the engine tank,Oil absorption is clean and free of pollution.
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