Can home appliances manufacturers in china be customized?
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How much is the effect of installing the water purifier pre-filter? If the filter element is convenient to replace, I feel that there is nothing to compare with the bolebao speed hot water purifier. If you can directly change the overall filter element, replace the filter element like the battery, and avoid secondary pollution, and the quick heat can be heated for 3 seconds, because you don't need to install it, you can use it at any time.

Is the filtration accuracy of the 3 M Water Purifier RO film 0.0001 microns or 0.0005 microns? If it is less than 0.22um, the fungus of the bacteria can't pass. Generally speaking, reverse osmosis, that is, the separation size of RO is below 0.001um. this size except for normal bacteria and viruses, both trihalogen methane and pesticides have been removed, so it doesn't make much sense whether it is 0.0001 or 0.0005um, because the indicator for evaluating RO performance is the salt removal rate, not the filtration accuracy, moreover, the salt removal rate of the filter in the general home improvement will not reach more than 99% for industrial use, and the home improvement will be good at 90%-95%, so don't be fooled by the merchants. Another thing I forgot to say is that the RO water purifier of most famous brands in China is OEM. If you buy a water purifier with a brand, it is not advisable ~Also, there are not many professional people selling water purifiers. I don't believe you ask them what is the salt r
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