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Dongguan EDS Electronic Technology Co., Ltd could customize comprehensive and efficient solutions according to customers' different needs. EDS's wireless electric toothbrush is widely used in many industries. EDS provides quality products and excellent services. Customers are warmly welcome to contact us. We will show you the air purifier filter series that is most popular with customers.

Related materials and articles on cold rolling electric galvanized !!! In a hurry !!! In the production process of electric galvanized unit,To improve product quality,The production process has been improved,Resulting in a large amount of zinc discharge with wastewater,So that the discharge of water in the acid-base wastewater treatment system exceeds the standard?The emission standard is ≤ 4 mg/L,The average is 14.26 ~ 9.71 mg/L,Caused the monthly payment of sewage charges 20 ~ 0.3 million yuan;On the other hand, resources are wasted.The wastewater that causes excessive zinc content in drainage mainly comes from the dissolved zinc pit and the wastewater pit in the unit,There is no regular change in water quality,See Table 1 for its ingredients.Zinc concentration/(mg L-2-/(Mg L-TFe/(mg L-Free acid/(mg L-Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the process control management,Treatment of cold-rolled zinc-containing wastewater,At the same time, we try t

What is the plastic bag packaging bucket material? I'm a water plant Ranger,In fact, for the human body,There is no specific standard for choosing the choice of water introduction!Pure Water,Mineral water,Calcium water,Natural water purification!To put it bluntly,All of them are water filtered by ro film (an important part of water treatment!The filtered water is pure water!After adding the machine,What is converted is the water of the so-called various functions!So,The water sold on the market is synthetic!@ Because the pure natural can't be reached at all,The standard of the number of bacteria falling bacteria!Distilled water---Many water plants are fake!The Chinese mainland does not add up to 5 water plants to produce distilled water!Distilled water-It's the same as pure!High purity,Very low conductivity,Drinking often is not good for the body!Generally choose water to see if it is a regular manufacturer!Is there a QS,Look at its implementation standard 17323-1998 (pure water standard) look at the pa
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