How about the minimum order quantity for ODM products?
With a focus on customers' potential needs, Dongguan EDS Electronic Technology Co., Ltd has the ability to provide one-stop solutions. wireless electric toothbrush, one of EDS's main products, is deeply favored by customers. With wide application, it can be applied to different industries and fields. EDS provides high-quality products. Welcome to contact us. The neck massager machine is one of the main products of EDS.

How is the cement used in construction produced? What is the raw material? Cement is finely mixed by limestone, clay and iron ore powder in proportion,The mixture at this time is called Raw Meal.Then carry out the roasting,The general temperature is about 1450 degrees,The product after roasting is called clinker.Then grind the clinker with the plaster,Mix in proportion,It is called cement.Production method the production process of Portland cement is representative in cement production,It is mainly made of limestone and clay,Raw materials are made from crushing, ingredients, and grinding,Then feed the mature material into the cement kiln,Then grind the clinker with a proper amount of gypsum (sometimes mixed with mixed materials or additives.Cement production is different with the preparation method of raw meal,It can be divided into two types: dry method (including semi-dry method) and wet method (including semi-wet method.1 Dry production.Drying and grinding the raw materials at the same time,Or the metho

Internship report of water purification workshop Pumping the river, precipitation of large particulate matter-quartz sand filtration 5 microns filtration accuracy-heavy metal replacement-into two good pools-and then quartz sand filtration 5 microns filtration accuracy-and then into the activated carbon adsorption-net pool What do you want to report? Pumping the river, precipitate large particles-quartz sand filtration 5 micron filtration accuracy-heavy metal replacement-enter the two good pools-then filter the quartz sand for 5 micron filtration accuracy-then enter the activated carbon adsorption-net pool you are a bit interested in this equipment? The multi-media filter already contains quartz sand filtration 5 micron filtration and activated carbon adsorption. Is there a few ozone or bleaching powder thrown in the clean pool? How do I feel like your water purification equipment is like a water filtration system.
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