How about the minimum order value for ODM products?
Is the filter efficient at Hundred or tens of thousands? The most commonly used method of mechanical filtration sewage treatment,Depending on the filter media,Mechanical filtration equipment is divided into two categories: Particle Media filtration and fiber filtration,Particle Media filtering mainly uses granular filter materials such as sand and gravel as filter media,Through the adsorption effect of particle filter material and the interception effect of pores between sand particles on solid suspended matter in water body, the filtration is realized,The advantage is that it is easy to counterattack,The disadvantage is that the filtration speed is slow,Generally no more than 7 m/h;Less pollution,The core filter layer is only the surface of the filter layer;Low filtering accuracy,Only 20-40 μm,It is not suitable for fast filtration of high turbidity sewage.The high-efficiency asymmetric fiber filter system uses asymmetric fiber bundle material as the filter material,The filter material is asymmetric fiber,

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Filter element in addition to the use of those will be used in the filter? Application Field· Pharmaceutical industry: Pre-filtration of various antibiotics and other liquid drugsFood and Beverage Industry: filtration of alcohol, mineral water and drinking waterOil industry: water injection filtration in oil fieldsElectronic Industry: Pre-filtration of high pure waterChemical Industry: filtration of various organic solvents, acids and alkali solutionsMetallurgical Industry: used for filtration of hydraulic system of rolling mill and continuous casting machine and filtration of various lubrication equipment.Textile industry: purification and uniform filtration of polyester melt in the process of drawing, protection and filtration of air compressor, oil removal and water removal of compressed gas.Technical PerformanceFiltering accuracy: 0.1um0.2um0.45um1um3um5um10um20um30um50umLength of filter element: 5 '10' 20 '30' 40'Filter diameter: 69mm 83mm 131Inner diameter of filter element: 28mm ~ 40mm
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