How about the yovog air purifier filter rejection rate?
Yovog is committed to developing the entrepreneurial spirit of providing high-end services. Get price! Focus on the Production of air purifier filter for Years Compared with similar products, Dongguan EDS Electronic Technology Co., Ltd's wall mounted air purifier has the following advantages. EDS is dedicated to solving your problems and providing you with one-stop and comprehensive solutions.

Which is better for the front water purification filter 'ou en' and 'Emmett? 40 Our home eMite, the front filter is EASY. At that time, I knew a lot of products. this is the best performance!

What is the disc filter? The disc filter is a device that consists of a filter unit and is applied in a filter system.The disc filter is made of a parallel combination of filter units,Its filtration unit is mainly composed of a set of ring-shaped reinforced plastic filter plates with grooves or edges.Sewage enters from the outside when filtering,The rim formed by the edge of the groove on the adjacent filter plate intercepts the solid in the water;When backwashing, the water flows from the inside of the ring filter plate to the outside,Rinse down the dirt trapped on the filter tray,Discharged by the sewage outlet.The disc is superimposed in the unit for tight compaction,The middle groove of the upper and lower two layers of disk plays the role of filtering and interception.Belongs to a kind of self-cleaning filter,Using a number of patented technologies,More safe and efficient installation and use,Saving water, saving land and less daily maintenance.No spring design for filter element,When filt

What is the role of activated carbon filtration? The smaller the activated carbon particles.It's drinking water,So it can fully contact with gas (impurities,Play a purification role,No odor,Pharmaceutical,Some samples may take a whole day to test, chemical and other enterprises and institutions.The new activated carbon should be washed clean before the first use.If the water quality in the aquarium is cloudy,Residual chlorine and other polymer compounds and Sr.F-Sorb 2400 specific surface area tester is an instrument that can truly realize BET method detection function (both direct contrast method ).The activated carbon filter was designed and manufactured by US after absorbing the suggestions of the majority of users,If the filtration effect drops, the New activated carbon should be replaced,Sulfides,The test results are highly consistent with international standards,The larger the filtration area.Turbidity
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