How can I get teeth water flosser sample?
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What equipment does the pasteurized milk production line include? Is there a pasteurized milk production line? Good for that manufacturer? Refrigeration tank--Dual filter--Preheating tank--Homogenizer--Sterilization tank--Pre-cooling tank--Refrigeration tank--Filling machine-The milk cooling tank is suitable for ideal storage and cooling storage equipment of milk collection center, milk collection station, pasture, dairy factory, food factory and professional dairy farmers.Important supporting equipment for mechanized milking of milk refrigeration tank pasture,It is more suitable for the cooling of pasture, milk receiving station and dairy factory for manual milking,Storing Fresh milk can also cool and store other liquid materials to keep the cooling raw milk in its best condition,Also known as parallel switching filter,Two tee ball valves,Assemble two single-barrel filters on one seat,Do not have to stop when cleaning the filter,To ensure continuous work,It is the first choice for filtering d

Can not only filter the water in the compressed air, but also filter the oil in the compressed air. how to find such products. The device that can filter both the water in the compressed air and the oil in the compressed air is a compressed air filter, and some people call it an efficient precision filter, impurities such as oil, solid particles, dust, liquid water, tiny particles in compressed air can be filtered. The filter is divided into several types according to accuracy, such as Betten high-efficiency precision filter.1. P-class pre-filter of P-class filter, with a filtration efficiency of 99.99%, can remove liquid water and oil, and the filtration accuracy is 3 μ.2. U-class pre-filter with filtration efficiency of 99.99% can remove liquid water and oil with filtration accuracy of 1 μ.3. H-class high-efficiency precision filter has changed the structure and filtration method of the traditional filter. the filter element adopts a straight-through open design, H-class pre-filter, and the filtration

Recommended water treatment technology, RO reverse osmosis pretreatment process. MBFB membrane biological bed process is used for deep treatment of sewage,Can be based on the original sewage discharge standards,After a biological fluid bed and a ceramic membrane separation system,Further reduce COD, nh-N, turbidity and other indicators,On the one hand can be directly reuse,On the other hand, it can also be used as a pretreatment process for RO salt removal,Instead of the original sand filtration, security filtering, ultra-filtration and other lengthy filtration processes,At the same time, the reduction of organic matter content greatly improves the service life of the RO film,Reduce the cost of reuse water treatment,Inorganic ceramic membrane separation system,It is the world's first set of inorganic membrane separation system for sewage treatment,Compared with other organic and inorganic films,Tao Xin environmental technology company adheres to the technical concept of 'sustainable development,Committed to
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