How to pay for small air purifier ?
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What does the waterfall filter used in the small fish tank look like, what is the principle, can it cultivate the nitrobacteria? There are many kinds of aquarium filters on the market,It is nothing more than cylinder, cylinder outside, plug-in, upper, diving and water goblin, etc.The same principle: take the water out,The water is returned to the tank after passing through the filter material and biochemical material,To achieve the purpose of making the water clear.The pump that drives the tank top filter can be a 'dry' pump,It can also be a 'diving' pump.1. cylinder top filter driven by 'dry' water pump.This kind of cylinder top filter is generally sold with the filter box,The water pump is above the water,After the water was pumped out, it passed through the sink,Filter material placed in the sink,Under the sink,The filtered water flows back into the tank.The sink is equipped with retractable support boards,Can be used to place equipment such as thermal rods,The water inlet pipe

How many eyes are generally used in seawater condenser filters Self-cleaning filter,
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