How to purchase ozone generator air purifier ?
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Latest ranking of household filter water filter TOP3, Angel,Good image,High credibility,Ten years old,Well-known trademarks in China,Well-known trademarks of Guangdong province,Water purifier, water dispenser ten brands.Shenzhen Angel Drinking Water Industry Group Co., Ltd. is the earliest professional company in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of drinking water equipment established in China,The leading products are 'Angel' water dispenser and water purification equipment.Angel?The water purification of this water purifier can't be used to practice tap water.And Angel has been recognized as an unqualified product by the state,Also ranked 3rd?In fact, Baidu has already had this,Andakon, Angel, Qinyuan, Midea, Lisheng, true water and fragrance are all good,And Dalton and Smith from abroad,However, domestic household tap water filters,I still value my major more,Andakang and Qinyuan are all top ten rankings with high professional degrees. my family is installing a brand of the top ten brands

What is the difference between electroplating solution filter and electroplating filter? There are four factors for the selection of electroplating filter:(1) select the pump or filter material according to the composition, concentration and temperature of the liquid medicineApplication Conditions of PTFE: The highest temperature can be resistant to 95 degrees, and the FRPP is resistant to strong acid (hydrogen peroxide, HF acid, Wangshui, bone water, etc.): The highest temperature can be resistant to 70 degrees, resistant to general acid and alkali (a few do not, such as hexyl chromium acid, but PVC is available)(2) select the appropriate pump or filter type as applicable according to customer requirementsFilter: Electroplating filter, activated carbon processor for waste acid treatment, chemical nickel filter for chemical nickel plating, chromium filter for hard chromium plating. Pump: magnetic pump (electric swimming paint, nickel-plated pearl, small filter-few bubbles); vertical pump (electro-c
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