Is Yovog Household Appliances product supply chain complete?
The initial and intermediate pressure difference of the air conditioning system of the clean plant of the pharmaceutical factory is generally about how big? When you reach what range, you need to replace or clean the junior high school filter The initial differential pressure of the air conditioning system of the clean plant of the pharmaceutical factory is generally required: the initial resistance of the primary filter is 10-About 40 Pa,The final resistance is 20-About 80 Pa;The initial resistance of the medium efficiency filter is 50-About 90 Pa,The final resistance is 100-About 180 Pa.With the extension of the operating time of the air conditioning system,The junior high school filter will be attached to the dust particles,The rate of ventilation has gradually decreased,The pressure difference will gradually rise,When the initial pressure reaches 1 of the original pressure difference.Five times the warning time,To be ready for replacement or cleaning,Generally at the original pressure differenc

Each of our yovog employees has a common goal of serving each customer with our expertise. Inquire! The Professional Supplier of air purifier in the Manufacturing Health Products Health Care Supplies Industry Compared with similar products, Dongguan EDS Electronic Technology Co., Ltd's oral irrigator has the following advantages. EDS is committed to producing quality household appliances and providing comprehensive and reasonable solutions for customers.

What is the difference between PA filter element and PE filter element? Water treatment Pp filter element (also known as melt spray filter element) is a kind of non-toxic and tasteless polypropylene as raw material,After heating and melting,Filter material made of spray, traction and receiving molding.Pp filter element has uniform aperture,The deep filtering structure of the outer sparse inner density,And has high filtration efficiency,Excellent acid and alkali resistance.It can effectively remove impurities such as suspended matter, particles and rust in the liquid.The characteristics of pp filter elements: (1), the filter core is dense and uniform,High filtration efficiency.Since the particles will Bridge in the filter channel,The particles smaller than the channel can also be blocked,The filtration efficiency is above 98%.(2), its own cleanliness is high,No pollution to water quality.(3) corrosion of chemical reagents such as acid resistance and alkali resistance and organic solvent.(4), the strength is la
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