Is Yovog Household Appliancescar air purifier ionizer priced the lowest?
Dongguan EDS Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is rich in industrial experience and is sensitive about customers' needs. We can provide comprehensive and one-stop solutions based on customers' actual situations. oral irrigator has a wide range of applications. It is mainly used in the following industries and fields. For product details and quotations, please feel free to contact EDS. The neck massager machine is one of the main products of EDS.

Why can the hepa filter of the vacuum cleaner be washed and the air purifier not work? 1.Different materials,In fact, HEPA can't be washed,The materials of the foreign industrial vacuum cleaner HEPA are mostly blended with glass fiber, polyurethane and other materials,Water washing will have a certain impact on the material,Originally, HEPA did efficient filtering,Washing will reduce the accuracy,Therefore, it is not recommended to wash water (it is not excluded that some HEPA that can be washed is not HEPA at all,BIA certification certificate can be requested for verification ).2.There is a paper filter for air purification,After washing, it will deform,Lose precision.HEPA precision H14 standard (BIA certification): 0.3 micron filtration efficiency D.O.P99.999%, 0.18 Micron D.O.P99.95%,Compared with the general air purification filter HEPA accuracy is higher.3.Other industrial vacuum cleaners (imported,The warranty machine has not found credible relevant data at present. the configuration filter is mostl

What kind of filter does the air purifier remove pm2.5? There are many filter screens in the air purifiers on the market now,The sundries filtered by different filters are different.Let me give you an example,Lang air purifier is a high-end product of air purifier.He has 8 layers of filtering,On the first floor,Thick metal filter,1 cm,It is used to filter hair and large particles.Second floor,Electrostatic dust filter,13.5 cm,Used to filter pm2.Particulate pollutants and sterilization,Can be washed.The third and fourth floors are formaldehyde and voc filters,4 cm,Formaldehyde and voc are decomposed into carbon dioxide and water through cold catalyst technology,Change once a year.Fifth Floor,Negative ion dust removal,The negative ion generator is used to release negative ions inside the purifier,Increase capacity for purification and dust removal.The sixth floor,Active filter,1 cm,It uses activated carbon to absorb organic pollutants such as formaldehyde and voc.The seventh floor,3 m high efficiency h
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