What about design of dental water jet by Yovog Household Appliances?
By introducing advanced machines and technologies, yovog aims to be an excellent personal care electronics manufacturer. Check now! Focus on the Production of dental water jet for Years Compared with similar products, Dongguan EDS Electronic Technology Co., Ltd's wall mounted air purifier has the following advantages. EDS is dedicated to solving your problems and providing you with one-stop and comprehensive solutions.

I want to contract a piece of local species, but the water is more salty. can there be a similar filter that can reduce the salt? 50 If it's a household filter,You can buy it for 2000 or 3000 yuan,But you are the water that filters to water the land,Then the equipment for home use is definitely not enough,But even some large equipment is not what you think is directly used after the water is directly filtered at the outlet,It is still necessary to pump water into a larger tank through the equipment,Then filter through a variety of filtration devices,In order to separate the various substances in the water,The effect must not meet the requirements you want,Even this device costs at least 30 thousands or 40 thousands yuan,If you can barely meet your requirements, you need more equipment,However, the price of tens of thousands of 100,000 is certainly not cost-effective,What kind of thing can be returned to Ben?And more advanced and larger salt filtration devices are not available to anyone,Even if you buy it,

What equipment do you need to raise sea fish ~? Water pump, egg, flow, lamp.This is the basic equipment.If you have a bad economy,I recommend: NAC for eggs.Odyssey T5 for lights.Sensen for the flow,If you're going to burn money,Or want to raise software or even hard bones.The bottom filter tank is a must.Calcium reverse, titration, nitrate remover, phosphate remover, Chiller, etc.Buy an expensive egg,Halogen lamps for lamps,RR or MP40 for streaming.Equipment as far as possible in place,Otherwise it will cost more money to upgrade the equipment later.I. Aquarium: the family box is a key point in the marine fish breeding equipment,It has many styles and sizes,However, there are two main types: ordinary glass and acrylic glass (acrylic ).When purchasing, try to select the aquarium with large water surface (length × width.Two, heater: heater is a marine fish feeding equipment to maintain a constant water temperature in the aquarium equipment,This is very important for the breeding of ornamental fish in seawater

How can the domestic sewage of the hotel be filtered and purified again without sewage discharge? Domestic sewage is the wastewater discharged from residents' daily life,Mainly from residential buildings and public buildings,Such as housing, institutions, schools, hospitals, shops, public places and industrial enterprise toilets.The pollutants contained in domestic sewage are mainly organic matter (such as protein, carbohydrates, fat, urea, ammonia nitrogen, etc.) and a large number of pathogenic microorganisms (such as parasite eggs and intestinal infectious diseases, etc ).The organic matter existing in domestic sewage is extremely unstable,It is easy to corrupt and stink.Bacteria and agents breed in large quantities with organic matter in domestic sewage as nutrients,Can lead to the spread of infectious diseases.So,Domestic sewage must be treated before discharge.[1] The most important domestic sewage is PH,Suspended matter,Chemical oxygen demand,Ammonia nitrogen,Total phosphorus,These values of residual c
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