What about the technology used by Yovog Household Appliances?
Water purifier filter replacement is good or after-sales The water purifier filter element can be replaced by itself, but the premise is that you will change it. it is not difficult to know the key points of the replacement. the general filter element should be replaced by the pre-pp cotton filter element, if so, I hope the following steps can help you.1. close the water valve on the tee ball valve at the total water inlet of the water purifier, or close the total water inlet valve; open the net faucet to reduce the pressure of the front filter;2. using a water purification wrench, set up the filter bottle from the bottom of the front filter bottle, one holding the filter bottle cap, and the other rotating the wrench clockwise to screw the filter bottle (press firm, so as not to loosen the front filter connection );3. remove the contaminated filter element, remove the packaging of the New pp cotton filter element, and load the new pp cotton filter element;4. check whether the white plastic gasket in t

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Horizontal ws or HXS type oil and gas water three-phase separator internal part size range 40 What is the horizontal WS and HXS oil and gas water three-box separator! Look, you're so pathetic! Another 40 wealth! I just dared to ask! Let me also have a long experience!
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