What kind of packing is provided for small electrical appliances ?
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What is the concept of corner filter? The angle filter is suitable for various water supply systems, especially the continuous operation without shutdown system, which can filter out various mechanical impurities in the water and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system equipment.Example of corner filter marking:1. Nominal diameter 100 and nominal pressure 1. 6MPa. the filter screen specification is 80 mesh/inch, and the angle-through pipe filter made of carbon steel is marked as jsy I 100-1.6/80C.2. the nominal size is 250, the nominal pressure is 2. 5MPa, the filter screen specification is 60 mesh/inch, and the angle inclined pipe filter made of stainless steel is marked as: JSJ250-2.5/60 S.3. the nominal size is 80, the nominal pressure is 4.0MPa, the filter screen specification is 30 Mesh/inch, and the straight-through basket filter made of stainless steel is marked as jsl I 80-4.5/30 S.Angle filter structure and principle:The inner structure of the angle filter is a pig man

GB18285-2018 requirements for dual sampling tubes, particulate matter filters and water separators for exhaust sampling system testing equipment GB18285-D.3.3.For the double exhaust pipes that work independently, the symmetrical double probe of the Y-type sampling tube should be used to sample at the same time,The sample gas inside reaches the total sampling tube at the same time,And the difference in sample gas flow rate in the two-point sampling tube should not exceed 10%.D.3.3.D.3.3.5.D. The filtration effect of particulate matter filter on particulate matter and suspended particulate matter of 5 m and above should not be less than 97%;D. The filter element should not absorb or absorb HC pollutants in the exhaust;D.3.3.5.The volume of the water separator should be large enough,Can continuously remove the condensed water in the exhaust sample gas,The simple transient condition pollutant emission test equipment includes at least a sampling analysis system consisting of a chassi
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