What properties are needed in ozone air cleaner raw materials?
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Is the front filter installed in front or behind the inlet valve? Of course, it is good to install the inlet water valve. In fact, the effect is similar, but in case of problems, it is much more convenient to Repair !!! It needs to be repaired in the back, or it will be convenient to replace the filter screen. Hello, it is correct to install it behind the water meter. it is recommended to leave the position of entering the water to facilitate flushing in the future. The maintenance of the front filter is recommended to wash frequently, prolong the front life, take out the filter element after a period of time, and wash it with a brush. It must be installed in the back, the closer the use end, the better. This will reduce the area of the pipeline pollution.

What is a front filter? The front filter is also called a water protector.Main use: installed behind the water meter, filter the sediment, rust and large particles in the tap water to prevent a large number of precipitated impurities in the water network from causing harm to the human body, and play a pre-protective role in wading household appliances. The front filter can effectively block the 'grain rust' and 'sediment, etc. I don't know this very well. anyway, the front and three columns are installed in the house, and the drinking water tastes good, my family is SBOK shibaokang. I don't know if you said shibaokang?
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