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Professional answer what is the reason for high efficiency filter failure? Efficient filter due to strict requirements of the place of use,The filter must be tested one by one before leaving the factory,After passing the qualification, it can be put into use,Like the general regular scale manufacturers, Rfilter has done a more prominent job in this respect,The test of efficient filter has factory inspection and on-site inspection,During these two tests,1) the surface of the filter material is broken or slightly damaged.The naked eye can easily observe the damage of the filter material,It is easier to repair a small amount of damage,This repair is best done at the filter production plant.Some minor damage is not easily observed by the naked eye,It can only be detected after testing on the test bench.2) the filter material is overloaded during the production process or some human factors will damage the filter material.If it is only damaged and not serious in some places,It is possible to repair it

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The fish tank has live Stones. do you still need to put ceramic rings in the filter? Ceramic rings are cultured for nitrobacteria,So,With living stones, you also need to put ceramic rings,1. the placement of filter materials is of course more and more good,Usually the standard is to configure the filter box volume according to a tenth of the tank volume;That is to say,The volume of the filter box to reach one in ten of the tank volume,According to the tank, the filter box about 6 liters of filter material should be configured (about 4-5 kg filter ring ).2. due to the space limitation of the upper filter box,Just fill the filter box with glass rings,Three layers of white cotton can be laid on it,The water pumped into the filter box will not overflow the filter box without the filter material.3. selection of biochemical filter materials,Ceramic ball, glass ring, ceramic ring, biochemical ball, black biochemical cotton,These are soft water mainly used in weak acidity,There are also coral sand, shell sand and
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