What should I do once I receive neck shoulder massager imperfections?
What are the functions of various accessories in the air compressor group? Is the role of the cold filter, and the role of precision filters, what QPS? Generally, the compressed air treatment system with low requirements for moisture content (dew point) is configured as follows:Air compressor-gas tank (regulated)-gas-water separator (remove most of the large droplets)-1 micron condensed filter (remove most of the small water and oil drops)-cold cooler (remove water to dew point 3 ~ 10 °)-0.01 micron condensed filter (remove most of the droplets ).After this configuration, it can be added according to the gas requirements of the terminal: activated carbon filter for odor removal, oil removal steam; sterilization filter (0.01 micron absolute level) and so on.The compressed air treatment system with high moisture content (dew point) requirements is configured as follows:Air compressor-gas tank (regulated)-gas-water separator (remove most of the large droplets)-1 micron condensed filter (remove most of the s

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What are the performance features of the filter? Filter is an indispensable device on the pipeline of conveying media,It is usually installed in the inlet end of the pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve, fixed water level valve, and other equipment of the square filter.The filter consists of the cylinder, stainless steel filter screen, sewage discharge part, transmission device and electrical control part.After the water to be treated passes through the filter cartridge of the filter screen,Its impurities are blocked,When cleaning is needed,Just remove the removable cartridge,After processing, you can reload it,Therefore,It is extremely convenient to use and maintain.1.Efficient,Accurate filtration: filter plate filtration technology with special structure,Accurate and sensitive performance,Ensure that only particles with smaller particle sizes than required can enter the system,Is the most effective filtering system;The specifications are 5 mu, 10 mu, 20 mu, 55 mu, 100 mu, 130 mu, 200 mu, etc
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