Which auto purifier company doing ODM?
The yovog plan is to provide customers with thoughtful service. Contact us! The Professional Supplier of auto purifier in the Manufacturing Health Products Health Care Supplies Industry Compared with similar products, Dongguan EDS Electronic Technology Co., Ltd's personal care appliances has the following advantages. EDS is committed to producing quality auto purifier and providing comprehensive and reasonable solutions for customers.

Small cylindrical filter at the back of the injection molding machine, how long to replace. I'm working nine hours now. 20 days a month is injection time. Nine hours a day. Adjust to the maximum, the pointer exceeds the green area and refers to the red area to replace the control oil filter element. this depends on the pressure gauge under the filter element. if the normal value is not replaced, it will be replaced if it exceeds the normal value. That is called bypass precision filter. Generally, there is a small pressure gauge installed. as long as the needle is pointed to the red area during normal production, the internal filter element needs to be replaced. Generally, I change it once a year, depending on the quality of your hydraulic oil,

What is the impact of compressed air and water on laser cutting machines? 1. the air contains water and oil and water. long-term use of lenses that will pollute the laser machine will not reach the laser intensity and affect the processing effect.2. There is a lot of water in the air. only one air compressor is not enough. it is best to match it with an oil-water separator, which is better.I hope my answer can help you to multi-dimensional laser Zhejiang Li purification Equipment Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Li brand 1. cold and cold, high-pressure cold, cold and cold parts, high-temperature cold, normal temperature cold, Home Alliance cold, Jiamei cold, water-cooled cooling machine, air-cooled cooling machine, air cooling machine, compressed air drying equipment, compressed air cooling machine, Hangzhou cooling machine, processing capacity: 0.6 ~ 300Nm3/min, oil content at the outlet: 10PPm ~ 0.001PPm, the particle size of dust containing 810 μm ~ 0.001 m. Working pressure: up to 7MPa of standard 0MPa, two. precisio

How about Nanjing Qirui water treatment equipment Engineering Co., Ltd? Nanjing Qirui water treatment equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. is 2004-06-10 limited liability company (natural person investment or holding) registered in Gulou district, Nanjing city, Jiangsu province ),The registered address is located at No. 13, Xinjiu village, Jinling, Gulou district, Nanjing.The unified social credit code/registration number of Nanjing Qirui water treatment equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. is 913201067621182835,Zhang Jingjing, corporate legal person,At present, the enterprise is in the opening State.The business scope of Nanjing Qirui water treatment equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. is: water treatment equipment engineering;Reverse osmosis device, filtration, Multi-Effect Distillation machine, pure steam generator, steam sterilizer, liquid distribution tank, ion exchanger, electric discharger, EDI electric salt removal, water reuse equipment, stainless steel container, filter water treatment equipment and accessor
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