Which personal air purifier company doing OBM?
Sewage purification treatment The so-called sewage purification treatment,The effluent quality of the treated sewage is very good,Its indicators should at least meet the above requirements for reuse,It is called sewage purification treatment.The traditional sewage treatment process is adopted,After the sewage is treated,To achieve the effect of purification treatment,The treatment process generally adopts a treatment process of three or more levels.The first-stage process is pretreatment,The second level is biochemical treatment,The third level is deep processing,Only in this way,In order to completely remove the pollutants in the sewage,The quality of the effluent reaches the level of purification.There are many pretreatment processes,Generally, depending on the water quality,The most commonly used methods are horizontal sand sink, vertical flow sand sink, Cyclone sand sink, aeration sand sink, horizontal flow sedimentation tank, vertical flow sedimentation tank, radial flow sed

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Can the filter baking soda? Yes.[Patent abstract] the utility model proposes a alkali filter,Including the container, the power unit installed on the container and the filter installed in the container,The power device is connected to the filter transmission,There is a water inlet pipe on the container,The outlet of the inlet pipe is equipped with a filter nozzle;The filter includes a filter barrel and a turning frame,The filter barrel is provided with an opening end,The turning frame is set at the opening end;The turning frame is provided with a steel brush and is connected with the synchronous transmission of the filter bucket;The inside of the filter bucket is provided with a layer of palm bark,The palm bark layer is provided with a water outlet pipe below.The alkali filter has simple structure and good filtration effect;The clarification and whiteness of baking soda have been significantly improved.[0001] the utility model relates to alkali filtration [technical field ],In particular,
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