Why Yovog Household Appliances portable air purifier for car is priced higher?
The yovog plan is to provide customers with thoughtful service. Check it! Focus on the Production of portable air purifier for Years Compared with similar products, Dongguan EDS Electronic Technology Co., Ltd's wireless electric toothbrush has the following advantages. EDS is dedicated to solving your problems and providing you with one-stop and comprehensive solutions.

Can the concentrated brine produced by the salt removal water device directly enter the circulating pool? No,The concentrated salt water contains a large amount of scale ions and other impurities,If you enter the circulating pool,Increase the burden of circulating water.However, concentrated brine can be used to rinse filters, rinse water, etc. where the requirements for ions are not high, generally the concentrated brine is wastewater,If you want to use the circulating pool, you can't access it directly,Unless there is a concentrated brine recovery device,We have a set of concentrated hydropower guides produced by reverse osmosis at 1000 μS/cm, 25 cubic meters per hour,It is used in a set of 3000 cubic meters per hour circulating water system as a process water supplement,As long as the conductivity of circulating water is controlled, it can be used,More than half a year of use,

What is an aquarium filter? Aquarium filters are generally used in fish tanks. Unlike filter devices used in industry and agriculture and life, this filter is only used to filter impurities in water bodies in fish tanks and remove harmful substances, keep the water clean to adapt to the growth of ornamental fish or aquatic plants. At present, the role of the common external filter tank aquarium filter: 1. adsorption of physical impurities in water bodies. 2. the filter material in the filter should have the function of cultivating beneficial bacteria and decomposing harmful substances. 3. make the water body in the aquarium flow or circulate to supplement the oxygen required for the growth of the organism. Common filtration methods for filter cotton and biochemical cotton aquarium filters: 1. physical filtration, filter material is filter cotton (thick/fine ). Use the fiber in the filter cotton to block the insoluble impurities and waste in the water. Physical filtering is an essential part of the filtering s
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