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Yovog High-quality beauty instrument Suppliers for skin

Yovog High-quality beauty instrument Suppliers for skin

Yovog High-quality beauty instrument Suppliers for skin

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Company Advantages
1. Yovog beauty instrument is produced by a complicated process. Its raw fiber selection is strict, fiber and yarn are professional production, dyeing and coloring are carefully processed. The product is practical and can be frequently used for many times
2. The product features less need for cleaning. It can provide people with a mildew-free, easy-to-clean, and healthy bathing and washing place. This product is designed to provide targeted functional care to users
3. Our professional technical team greatly optimizes the performance of our products. This product makes people's life easier and cleaner
4. We conduct rigorous tests to ensure that our products are defect-free and meet high quality standards. The product is designed to make quick work of tedious tasks in daily life
5. The product is guaranteed to be superior in quality, stable in performance, and long in service life. This product is produced by pursuing the principle of "to make life safe and healthy


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What is the micro-current beauty instrument?

Beauty instrument is a must-have product for many people in daily life. Different beauty instruments are not targeted, and micro-current beauty instrument attracts a lot of people with more meticulous care. So what is the micro-current beauty instrument?

He uses micro-current to activate cells and activate the lowest collagen in the skin to achieve anti-aging effects! Essence, essential oils can be used. Easy to carry, neck, calf and arm can be used. Without the effort, the machine will be slightly shocked, as long as the lifting method is effective, after use, the outline of the jaw is obvious. Battery power is more convenient, small size can be carried with you, it is worth buying.Is the micro-current beauty instrument really amazing in rumors?

The answer is yes, personally, the micro-current beauty instrument for skin tightening and lifting, is more useful than our five-year use alone. 

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The main advantage of the home facial essence importer produced by EDS home appliances is that it is not only a micro-current, but also the current stimulation of the face and the eyes and lips is different, and the skin does not have a tingling sensation.             

Micro current beauty instrument side effects, no side effects

According to common sense, the micro-current body of no more than 500 microamperes will not have any reaction. It can feel the feeling of strong micro-current. It should have exceeded 1000 micro-amps, but it is just a feeling, it is there for the skin. The benefits. This kind of micro-current is commonly used in electronic beauty equipment, which mainly increases the activity of skin collagen by the action of current, thereby moisturizing the skin. But don't try it if you exceed the standard.

 Micro current beauty device function

This type of instrument is often used in many treatments in beauty salons, such as firming wrinkles, diminishing dark circles, etc. In general, it has the following cosmetic functions:

1. Enhance cell activity, promote muscle movement, and restore skin elasticity;

2. Accelerate blood circulation of microvessels, enhance cell permeability, and effectively supply nutrients to muscle tissue and skin;

3. The electric ions generated by the micro-current can penetrate into the skin deeply, replenish the skin moisture to make it moisturize, smooth and tender;

4, the microwave current makes the electric power stimulate the subcutaneous tissue to the muscles, helping to repair the skin elastic fibers and the gelatinous layer tissue, thereby stretching and reducing wrinkles.

Company Features
1. Dongguan EDS Electron Technology Co., Ltd. possesses the world-renowned brand Yovog. Modern technology is introduced to the creation of beauty instrument.
2. We honour international quality system while producing beauty instrument.
3. beauty instrument enjoys good quality performance and wins more favors from customers. We promise to seriously handle all the wastes during production. No toxic and harmful chemicals will be discharged to cities.
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